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Who doesn’t love a full moon?

It’s bigger than a bleached beach ball, able to orbit Earth in 27.3 days – and it’s pink! No, it’s not Superman in drag, it’s the June Supermoon! And it’s coming to a night sky near you on June 23. … Continue reading

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“Not for Human Consumption” – Costa Rica in the News

Don’t be surprised if you receive a package with a sticker on the inside that says: “sold for research purposes” What a novel idea! Spurred on by globalization, the legal high and synthetic drug market is causing a “fundamental shift” … Continue reading

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Why The World Loves Soccer

I think this is a case of a picture being worth 1,000 words. We call it Futbol. Last night Costa Rica tied Mexico 0-0, and the US team will be visiting here shortly. Panama is a contender, and everybody wants … Continue reading

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