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USPS distributes about 15.5 billion pieces of mail during the 2015 holiday season

Where’s my mail, you ask. Direct from the horse’s mouth here are some answers. Interesting point: If you’re concerned about getting mail to your loved ones, the postal service recommends addressing all post with a sans-serif font, point size 10-12.

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For the first time since 1977

What is the spiritual significance of a Christmas full moon? Here’s one opinion

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The Hague has spoken, but does anybody really care?

OK Kids, there has been a ruling. Lovely, I say. Charming. An academic opinion on a real life drama in the Third World. The news comes just as all of Costa Rica goes on vacation until the second week in … Continue reading

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The 2 guys that gave “The Gipper” fits

These two are probably my all time favorite childhood news characters. Current President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega “The Original Sandinista” and his pal, Comandante Cero aka Eden Pastora. Perhaps neither is as romantic a character as the infamous Che Guevara, … Continue reading

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Costa Rica’s fearless leader in Cuba

What brilliant timing. There he is, our fearless leader (actually a history professor by trade) with 31 of his best friends on vacation in Cuba. Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solis reiterated the country’s interest in normalizing bilateral relations, one … Continue reading

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