The Safest Place in the World

There have been some pretty wild prognostications on the internet lately. Alex Jones has published an emergency alert broadcast that you can see here:

Could he be right? What if he is right? What do you do and where do you go?

Some more fun information can be found here, recently published by our pal up in Rhinebeck, New York Gerald Celente:

Gerald is celebrating his 69th birthday today and we wish him well.

So, fellow baby boomers and Gen X’ers alike where is the safest place in the world? I would like to offer Costa Rica as the place to be. Just as many Europeans left the Old Country during WWII for the safety of Argentina it may be time to bail out and head to the beach, or mountains if you prefer. We have both. If you come by boat let me suggest the marina at the Marriott Los Suenos on the Pacific coast at Playa Herradura. By plane you can avoid San Jose completely and fly directly into the Liberia airport in the northern section of the country known as Guanacaste. Beaches, volcanoes, hot springs are all there. If you prefer to be where the action is, including theatre, fine arts, restaurants and luxurious cinemas then by all means fly into SJO and set yourself up in the Central Valley. Why Costa Rica? Because NOTHING HAPPENS HERE. There is no army. Sure, it’s more expensive than Mexico but we have a population less than 5 million people and you can still do just about anything you want here as long as you do it with a good attitude and a smile. Banking can be a bit of an issue, but to get your money here and become a resident at the same time, buy a house. Take a look at the Real Estate offered on Craigslist

before contacting a broker. Also, browse AirBnB. You can find some spectacular luxury rooms for about $55 USD per night.

Set up a profile and then come down for a visit. You may luck out and hook up with a long time Expat that could offer you some valuable relocation hints.

Here’s hoping that you have a wonderful Sunday.

I’m heading to the beach for lunch. Come on down!

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  1. DC says:

    This just in from a very informed member:

    Confessions of an Illuminati: Leo Zagami from Rome on the air with Luca Zanna

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